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Newborn Sessions


Newborns are usually photographed anywhere from 4-14 days. But amazing images can still be captured past the 14 day mark. So the best time to do the session really depends on how you feel and what type of poses you want most. Younger newborns curl up easier and tend to sleep more. Older newborns are more likely to give open eyes.


During your pregnancy contact me to let me know you are interested in a newborn session. I will add your name and due date to my expecting mamas list so I can keep spaces open around that time to get you in. Once baby has arrived and you are home from the hospital just call, text or email and we will pick an official date and time for your session.

Planning the Session:

Before your session I will send you a pre-session questionnaire. This will help me know your individual goals for the session, style preferences, ideas and anything else important you want to share with me.  As a photographer I believe firmly my job is to create images that truly represent you and your family (not just my style and my artistic vision). So I want the planning process to be a collaboration.

The entire family is welcome to be a part of the newborn session. I actually  highly encourage it! Including parents, siblings, grandparents, and even fur babies can add more meaning and importance to your session and final images.

During the Session:

Newborn sessions allow for plenty of breaks to snuggle and feed. It is totally normal for us to stop multiple times during the session for these reasons.

I have a variety of knit outfits, wraps, headbands and props we can use during the session. I also love when families bring items from home. This makes the session so much more personal and special.


Comfort and safety during the session are very important to me. That is why I tend to favor more natural newborns poses instead of the more forced poses.  I was always very cautious with my own daughters and I treat each newborn session the same. After 3 years of working at the hospital in the mother baby unit and NICU I learned an enormous amount about handling and working with newborns.